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Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Emoji -- FranFunnel Live E14 We've all received an emoji before! It's the lovely little smiley face that you get from a good friend. Well, there is WAY MORE TO THE STORY. FranFunnel GM Eli Robinson sits down with our CTO, Kevin Dolan, to talk all things emoji. I promise you'll learn something today if you watch this episode. 😀 What "Drip Emails" Really Means And Why It Matters -- FranFunnel Live E13 FranFunnel GM Eli Robinson can't stand when someone uses the term "drip emails" out of context. It can mean so many different things! So let's sit down and talk about the four most common types of drips and why you may consider using each. Good and Bad Text Messages (Like In Real Life) -- FranFunnel Live E12 FranFunnel General Manager Eli Robinson sits down with...himself a la Vin Scully to share some actual good and bad text messages that FranFunnel clients are sending new leads. How do your texts stack up? How can you improve your messages? How To Actually Write Good E-Mails -- FranFunnel Live E11 FranFunnel GM Eli Robinson sits down with FranchiseHelp marketer extraordinaire Anna Flowers to discuss how to write a good e-mail. The first question we ask is what goes through your head when you start writing and we go from there! First Impressions Of Franchise Lead Generation -- FranFunnel Live E10 To help you better understand what it's like for someone new to franchise leads, FranFunnel GM Eli Robinson sits down with newly minted FranchiseHelp GM Alex Volodarsky to speak about his first few weeks in our world. How Franchises Should Be Texting Leads And Why -- FranFunnel Live E9 Metric Collective Co-Founder Kayvon Bina sits down with FranFunnel GM Eli Robinson to discuss what franchises should be doing when it comes to texting leads. What are the common mistakes franchises make? How can the FranFunnel team help you improve your sales and marketing? Answering Our Potential Customers' Most Asked Questions -- FranFunnel Live E8 FranFunnel General Manager Eli Robinson sits down with FranFunnel salesman Zack Fishman to talk about what types of questions we get from potential customers. Getting people to use new technology can be difficult, so how do we overcome the most common objections? What Does It Mean That FranFunnel Is An "App" -- FranFunnel Live E7 FranFunnel GM, Eli Robinson, sits down with our company's CTO, Kevin Dolan, to talk about all things app. Turns out an app is way more complicated than just a little icon that sits on your phone. What's It Like To Actually Use FranFunnel -- FranFunnel Live E6 One of FranFunnel's users Jim Kelly stopped by FranFunnel's offices last week to speak with Oakscale's CEO Joshua Kovacs to speak about what life's like now that he opens the FranFunnel app 100 times a day. How The F*** Does E-Mail Actually Work -- FranFunnel Live E5 FranFunnel General Manager, Eli Robinson, sits down with our CTO, Kevin, to learn once and for all, how e-mails are actually sent. When we press send, what happens next? "You Worked For A Businessy Company" (Our CTO Asks About Business) -- FranFunnel Live E4 CTO Kevin J. Dolan gets his shot at asking the questions when he sits down with FranFunnel GM Eli Robinson to talk about life on the business side. What's it like to work so closely with software engineers? What's Eli's favorite part? What's the hardest part? (Can Kevin keep a straight face the whole time?) What You Need To Know From Our CTO -- FranFunnel Live E3 FranFunnel General Manager Eli Robinson sits down with our company's CTO, Kevin Dolan, to talk about the technical components behind FranFunnel. What was the inspiration for the technical design? Just how complicated is it? And what's the future hold for this world?

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