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Your Sales Team Doesn't Work Enough (Nor Should They...) When do your leads actually come in? Believe it or not, 62% of franchise leads come in while your sales team isn't working! Here are your options. 2017 Email Open Rates: Why FranFunnel Clients Do So Well We used to tell everyone that your open rate depended on a number of different factors. When you look at the data, you actually see a picture of consistency. Mobile Business Apps in 2017: 5 Trends That Matter If you think about it, it's almost a certainty that you don't have an app that you use specifically for business. Why is that? And how do business app compare to other categories? An 85% Open Rate On Emails – Really? It's not everyday that you come across a number that truly blows your mind. This morning, one of our client's accounts shocked me. How Do We Communicate? Here are a few facts about how differences in gender, age, education, and income-level correlate with different communication tendencies. Dear FranFunnel App User After months of development, FranFunnel is now an app available for download on your phone. Here's the letter we sent our users the day we launched. Sales Tech So Good it Sells Itself... Literally I could be dead. Happy 4th of July (For Us Humans, That Is) Yesterday marked the 241st anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. As you were off enjoying your day off, what was happening to all the leads that were coming in? Is your sales team ready for a lead blast? Sometimes things break your way, and other times they don’t. Some days you generate a lot of leads and many days you generate zilch. Timing is Everything: A FranFunnel Finding About Your Sales Team When does your franchise actually get leads? Is your sales force positioned to take advantage of that? FranFunnel’s First 100 Days — Lessons Learned After the first few months of FranFunnel, boy have we learned a lot. Here are the four most important lessons. FranFunnel’s First 100 Days — Contact Rate Perhaps there is no question we are asked more at FranFunnel than “What kind of contact rate is normal?” or “How many more leads will I be able to talk to with FranFunnel?”

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